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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 4, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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leadership by parming in poland's first semi-democratic election. two events that changes the face of communism around the world and both happened 25 years ago today. when news breaks out, we'll break in. here's cavuto. come on. >> that's it. i'm pointing it. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> unruly passengers are disrupting flights. that's just one example. it's becoming, actually, an almost routine occurrence. that latest incident happening last week. >> houston police officers were forced to go onboard a plane and arrest an unruly passenger. >> authorities say it was his unruly behavior on a flight from philadelphia to london that forced the plane to turn around. >> after that unruly passenger tried to open one of the doors in midflight.
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>> that's not good. now, the airlines are saying they've had it. and they're going to do something about it because if you disrupt, get ready to pay up. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. and you may be getting ready to fly, but airlines are trying to make sure your temper does not, because of reports of unruly passengers disrupting flights soaring. and a lot of arrests mounting. 8,000 incidents in the last year alone. airlines are pushing new rules to stop it once and for all. it could mean fewer happy hours at airport bars. at newark international airport on the latest report. rick? >> neil, those 8,200 reports of unruly behavior, 16 times as many as 2007. we're talking about 300 incidents every single week worldwide, according to the international air transport association, which says it's high time to stop the high jinks which can include drunk and
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unstable passengers, illegal narcotics. even sexual harassment onboard. people losing it at 35,000 feet. remember that boozed up guy on the iceland air flight to jfk, who cause duct taped to his seat after passengers and flight crew watched him down multiple bottles. they tackled him and restrained him. he was taken into custody, but he was never prosecuted. many people are never punished because of loopholes in the law. that's why the iapa is calling on government and airlines and air force to crack down on defenders, including airport bars who overserve, pushing for fines up to $200,000 to cover the cost of diverted flights, passengers who miss connections, extra fuel expenses and crew expenses. the iata asking governments to set new rules. that would extend legal jurisdiction to the territory
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where the planes land and call for harsh penalties for airports responsible for overserving since alcohol often fuels this misbehavior. a statement from the iata said everybody onboard is entitled to enjoy a journey free of abusive behavior. many airlines have trained the ground staff and cabin crew to manage incidents of unruly behavior, but also to prevent them. they need alignment between airlines, airports, and crew. we asked what they thought. >> how many is too many? >> how many -- well, maybe one is too many. depending on the person. >> you had one. >> i had one, yeah. >> i'm going to watch out for you. >> you have to. >> 20,000 incidents since 2010. the iata says its goal is to stop people from acting up in this geise. neil. >> she looked suspicious to me, but that's just me. rick, thank you very much.
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great reporting. >> so pay up if you act up? they say two thumbs up. you like this, right? >> that guy was tied up, looked like leonardo decap reo. >> that's right. >> it doesn't have to be alcohol. it could be drugs, too. when you're on an aircraft like that, you want to open the door at 35,000, i think the flying should be enormous, the same as texting and driving. five points now. people stop texting. the fact is you have a real serious penalty. i think that the flying should really be there. you have to, first of all, on a plane, they can't serve over two drinks. there should be a limit of two drinks. >> even when you're ensconced in first class? >> maybe that's the problem. people get what they call alcohol -- they get tough. you have a guy who wouldn't fight you if he was sober, well, come on, you're a tough guy?
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when you sober up, give me a call. >> very good point. >> but the point is -- >> they're saying they're doing this because the incidents are out of control. and i'm wondering whether $200 or $300 fine is going to do it. especially when you're threatening to open a door, you know, that's a federal offense. >> i think you should have a $10,000 fine. if you haven't got the money, incarceration is good, too. then you have to find something, sell your car, you're start to learn you don't do this on a plane. that plane is sup there. we have to worry about terrorists, now we have to worry about drunken passengers? it's scary as it is for some people to fly, they get anxiety when they get on, and they're worried about the turbulence, next you have some drunk guy who opens his mouth to a stewardess or a steward. i don't like it. i think there should be real big, stiff penalties. >> that iceland guy wouldn't have survived a second next to you. >> after 9/11, i used to sit in
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first class. i was doing movie business. i used to tell the stewardesses, i'm sitting over here. i'm a retired detective, i don't have a weapon, but if something happens, you come over to me. i was going 3600 miles on saturday on a bike for a fund-raiser. >> you almost make me too scared not to learn. >> they hired me for a reason. i'm a legendary detective, and we want our meat to be fresh. it tastes good. >> if you don't mind making a little light of what the airlines might be doing here, this might be a way to preventd shouting on the cell phone. they're going to use this as an excuse to get more money? >> i think it's a safety factor. especially when you have a plane that has to land at oklahoma city that's going l.a. to new york. what is that costing as far as the plane landing?
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i think you should be fined for the amount of money it costs for that plane to land and the energy and the staff, and you should fine them. let's teach a little lesson. because we're going in the wrong direction in this country. this is part of the erosion of societyitation of this land. >> i love you, bo. you do not mess with this guy. could you imagine? >> 36 miles, come on, baby. these kids that wouldn't let us ride through their town. >> when we come back, it's not exactly let me take a selfie, so what about a floppy. the pictures just out of the prisoner swap many are calling over the top. i'm the only one who got the selfie analogy, i guess, but what the heck. [ chuckles ] wife beats rock. and with two checks a year, everyone wins. [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year
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recorded on taliban video for the world to see. jennifer griffin on the swap caught on tape. jennifer. >> neil, defense officials who have read the army's 2010 in depth investigation into bergdahl's disappearance say bergdahl walked off base once prior to 2009. out of boredom, according to those interviewed by military investigators. now, today's propaganda video released by the taliban shows bergdahl blinking rapidly as his taliban captor approaches to say good-bye. it appears as if his eyes are trying to adjust to the sunlight, suggesting he had been blindfolded moments before. the video is 17 minutes long and shows one of the taliban fighters holding a white flag as they approach the special operations blackhawk helicopter. the u.s. team shakes hands with them during the handover, and as they turn to lead, they pat bergdahl down not once but twice to make sure he's not armed or wearing a suicide bomber's vest. before the exchange, a member of the taliban is heard telling
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bergdahl in posh toe, don't come back. you won't make it out alive. they describe the time after he left the base in 2009. >> we heard over the radio chatter that there was an american looking for someone who spoke english so he could talk to the taliban. i heard it over the radio and right from the interpreter's lips. that alarmed everybody. we knew he had already walked away, but now we know he was attempting to contact the taliban on his own according. >> i do not know of a specific circumstance or details of u.s. soldiers dying as a result of the efforts to find and rescue sergeant bergdahl. >> bergdahl looked healthy in the video. he was clean shaven and wearing traditional afghan garb. >> thank you very much. in the meantime, we don't know what they do for fun in
1:13 pm
qatar these days, or i don't. but what we do know is the taliban roaming around there is free to do anything they want. the republican congressman, u.s. senate candidate john conyers says the obama administration has explaining to do. we called mike pryor against whom he will be running. we're hoping to hear back. congressman, you are looking at this and saying a lot is not adding up. like what? >> well, neil, i was actually in the army on active duty in afghanistan when private bergdahl went missing. we now know almost to a certainty that he deserted his post. the soldiers in his unit have been saying that for days. in the last 24 hours, we have to ask the question, was he merely a deserter or is he maybe even a defector. he just heard his team leader saying he sought out the taliban. even though he had friends which is common in units there, but he went to seek out the taliban.
1:14 pm
given we must have known that in the united states government within days after his disappearance, the president needs to give a full accounting for what he knew and when he knew it, and why he sent susan rice on sunday shows to say he served with honor and distinction. american people need to know the truth that they're debating -- >> what would be scarier is she's passing on the information she thought was right and they were ignorant of that. that could be scarier. >> yes. >> let's talk abo little bit abt what the president was saying justified this. the war is over. we take all our men and women back home. >> the war is not over. we have 32,000 troops still in afghanistan. the president's decision, irrespective of bergdahl's conduct with his whereabouts were unknown, had our soldiers in afghanistan face greater danger. >> they're targets. >> they now know there's a price on the head of an american. would we release khalid shaikh
1:15 pm
mohammed, what about our diplomats or aide workers? >> are you open to any prisoner exchanges? israel does this routinely. there is precedent for this in the republican and democratic administration. >> i think this would have been a bad idea, even if private bergdahl had been captured heroically on the field of battle. of course, we don't leave any man behind. we continue to search, use intelligence, and if necessary, when we get actual intelligence, we send special operations forced to rescue them, but we don't just give away five senior leaders. these are high-level commanders, the equivalent of their secretary of defense or director of the cia. >> anyone in gitmo's definition of a bad guy. >> these five in particular were bad. >> do you know why they were chosen? >> the taliban has wanted them for the last five years. for whatever reason, the president decided to give in to their demand now. they're in qatar, rooming
1:16 pm
around, apparently. >> the original agreement was, qatar was going to keep an eye on them, not let them go right to afghanistan. how sure are we they're going to do that because they're free to do whatever they want in qatar. >> given the coverage i have seen in qatar, i have great doubts they won't leave qatar in the next year, but even if they don't leave, they can communication. they can communication into afghanistan if they so choose. >> i know there is a closed-door meeting today in washington. lindsey graham, the south carolina senator who will be visiting us later in the show has said if this were to happen again, the president were to pull a stunt like this, paraphrasing here, and make a hostage swap with gitmo detainees, it would been it en impeachable offense. do you agree? >> we have to hear what the president and his senior advisers have to say. >> they say they consulted, maybe not directly with you or
1:17 pm
lindsey graham, but they didn't. republican leaders say he didn't. >> the only person who said he received consultation was harry reid the day before the capture. dianne feinstein, the senior democrat said she heard nothing. >> you mentioned harry reid. this is what he had to say about the swap agreement. harry reid. >> i'm glad to get rid of these five people, send them back to qatar. the reason to me, there are as far as i understand, and they explained to me, adequate. >> he's glad they're back in qatar. >> one has to wonder if he worries more about getting them out of custody than he worries about getting bowe bergdahl into u.s. custody. >> do you think those guys are going to do something bad to us. >> i fear they will. they're roaming around qatar. they wanted them back because of their skill and leadership on the battlefield. >> is this really about shutting down gitmo? >> the president's want to shut
1:18 pm
down guantanamo bay plays a part in this. they wanted to get them out of guantanamo bay, maybe showing this could be a precedent. >> if they're getting rid of the five dangerous guys, what about the other guys? thank you very much. in the meantime, remember this candidate's ad about castrating pigs. goofy? well, guess what, she won. who is squealing like a pig now? good job!
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on the airplane or in the airport. christine said this really isn't an alcohol issue. could it be the passengers are unruly due to the decrease in space between passenger seats and increased fees? maybe so, but that doesn't mean you try to open the cockpit door. route makes a bold prediction. he gets beat up at the airport. i would like to see how that goes. i grew up castrating hogs on an iowa farm. when i get to washington, i'll know how to cut pork. >> joanie? >> well, only a pig in mud. see my next guest thought i wouldn't say that. this is proving political pay dirt. he didn't think i would say that, either. anyway, she won iowa's republican primary. they say right now, she could be the one to beat in the poll, not just because of the pig thing, but because what all of that $9,000 ad represents. good to see you. >> amazing what advertising can
1:23 pm
do to a candidate. she was nowhere when she started the race, and she got everyone's attention. i looked at that race in iowa and how independents react to her. and what they told me was this is funny. and they hate wasteful washington spending. it's the number one issue in th% campaign for 2014. who is going to rein in all the waste. >> with her smile as she talked about castration. i can say that on fox news, can't i? >> her smile was kind of a lot, and then another ad. >> like she almost enjoyed it, too, which in a way helped her cause. >> there's another ad where she takes an ad and shoots at the camera, a follow-up to that. iowa used to be a slightly leaning republican state. it's now a slightly leaning democratic state, and in order to win the senate in 2014, republicans are going to have to win the votes of independents and particularly middle-aged women who shifted from republican to barack obama in -- >> okay, we want to fix your mike.
1:24 pm
i want to bring a couple things to people's attention. deion, if you don't mind. but there are so many races in play here. if you add iowa, the argument is that, think about it, there are four democratic seats, including iowa, that could flip, and that includes south dakota, montana, and west virginia. do you buy that? >> yes, those are all flipping, i think. >> definitely. how many need to flip? >> you need six. if there's five and you have a 50/50 tie, joe biden casts the deciding vote. i was important, and to have a high-profile woman is important for republicans in 2014 as democrats try to run this war on women campaign. she's the person perfect to respond to. i want to point out because this is important for the viewers, they may say i don't want moderate candidates. i want high-profile conservatives. outspokenly conservative, and i get that, and i understand it, but in order to win a majority in this country, you have to be able to take people from the
1:25 pm
right right through the center, that's the majority in america. and -- >> how did ronald reagan do it? >> he changed the center. the truth is -- >> and ronald reagan had young voters. >> reagan in 1984 got a higher percentage of young voters than any other candidate until barack obama in 2008. >> is that right? >> he got over 64% of the 18 to 29-year-old vote. >> look what happened in mississippi, tight as a tick, unresolved race. let's say he goes down to the runoffs, is that state now in democratic play? >> mississippi is a high percentage of african-american voters who vote democrat 95% of the time. however, mississippi has not elected a republican senator in decades. i doubt that would cause a flip. the one i'm watching that i think you had tom cotton on here, that's a key. >> how does that race look? >> it looks like he's down a few points at this point after being ahead. the other one i'm watching is alaska. neil, there's really three races, iowa, lask lack, and
1:26 pm
arkansas. whichever party wins two of three i believe wins the senate. >> as things stand now, the odds of the republicans taking the senate are? >> exactly 50/50. >> that would be a response? >> i knew you were going to say that. i thought you would not mention the pig thing, but i knew you would mention that. i can give you the five seats that flip. i can't give you the sixth. >> you squealed through that. sliply. >> and the amazing thing is i don't eat bacon. >> isn't that great? okay, well, i do. frank, always good seeing you. i didn't know you were going to be here. i would have dressed differently. you look delicious. when we come back -- it's a family show -- back to this v.a. mess. i didn't think this could happen, but it's actually worse than we thought. now the man who just might be the guy to fix it, he's predicting something that is scarier than we thought.
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all right, you saw this with us. now montel is giving d.c. hell directly. see how that went. >> i want you to see the thanks walmart gets for giving charity to millions. what's behind the big dis? in 60 seconds.
1:30 pm
the program just promised $5 billion for terrorists? around the world, at west point. when they could have used the day to say i'm sorry for the pain that i have caused you, the families. and i'm going to fix it today.
1:31 pm
>> montel with us last week, ripping washington over this unending v.a. scandal. now he's in washington, to our mike emanuel on capitol hill on how that went. michael? >> neil, montel is clearly fired up and worried the nation's focus has shifted away from the veterans affairs scandal. >> you know, i came down to knock on doors today because i think as i have been watching this for the last day and a half now, we're starting to get off point. what the point needs to be is there are 22 soldiers a day dying in this country because they're taking their own lives. you can't believe what i have been hearing in the last nine days from family members, wives, sisters, mothers, of soldiers who have committed suicide in the last 20 days. >> today, house republican leaders called on president obama to take more aggressive action to address the v.a. scandal. speaker boehner, majority leader cantor, and mcmorris rodgers wrote eric shinseki's
1:32 pm
resignation does not address the fundamental problem at the v.a., the abject failure to meet the needs of our veterans. meanwhile, the scandal has spread beyond phoenix across the midwest. delayed care and wait lists found at seven facilities. kansas, missouri, illinois, and indiana. at least 96 veterans waited at least 90 days for treatment. today, the new acting v.a. secretary said he tried to get >> as the president has directed, we are moving immediately to get veterans off of wait lists and into clinics, and we're taking action to fix the systemic problems that allowed these unacceptable waits to occur. >> meanwhile, this week in the united states senate, john mccain and some of his colleagues are working on a bill that would give veterans some choice and flexibility in terms of their medical care. neil. >> mike emanuel, thank you, sir. the white house reportedly considering veteran in cleveland for the top v.a. top spot.
1:33 pm
he's the same guy, by the way, who predicts obamacare will lead to a singer-payer system. he wasn't indorsing that, doesn't even want that, but that's the way the world is moving. that's what we could end up with. to michael cannon who says he's right. good to have you. what do you think of what he's saying and whether he's the guy given his administrative experti expertise, to be running the v.a. >> i don't think he'll be the first person in the obama administration to think obamacare will lead to single payer. as to whether he can do with the v.a. what he has done with the cleveland clinic, the answer is no. the veterans health administration has had these problems for years. the inspector generals said these problems, quote, are not new. the delays in care, the problems that come along with the delays and probably the fraudulent reporting as well. the debate we're having right now is though we have been transported north of the border, these are debates they have in canada year after year, how do we get thetimes down? how do we get the wait times
1:34 pm
down? they never come down because they're inherent part of this type of government run health care. >> i always wonder with this whether we just need someone, need someone who is good with this. you have to run a lot of things simultaneously and seamlessly. that's what it takes, someone who just gets logistics. what do you think? >> sure, but you know, if you look at senator bernie sanders, veteran care reform bill, he would allow the veterans health administration to leap dozens of new facilities. in order for the veterans health administration to lease new facilities, they need permission from congress. you can be as good at logistics as you want to be. you have to be good at politics, you have to get a bill through congress in order to make basic changes at the veterans health administration, which is an inherent structural flaw with
1:35 pm
this type of health care system. it's why you need to give veterans control over the money that's paying for the benefits at the moment they enlist or take commission. let them choose a health insuranc9ñ disability insurance plan that will cover them for the term of their enlistment or commission, and pick the health insurance company who is going to provide it for them and fire the company if they're not doing a good job. that's how you're going to fix the problem. >> yeah, first, the ability to fire someone who is not getting it done. all well pointed out. good seeing you. thank you. meanwhile, how is this fix? give our veterans a card allowing them to get private care anywhere. the senator who is pushing that free market solution and argues it's a heck of a lot easier than you think. fbn, 8:00 p.m. meanwhile, one hour from now, all senate members getting briefed on this prisoner swap. the senator who says how about all americans? lindsay graum is here. >> and did americans just signal trouble on the homefront?
1:36 pm
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test test test. test test.oç test test. well, i was just telling my next guest, i feel really old because this whole american dream, it's not the dream i used to have. a new survey out that shows owning a home is becoming less appealing to more people. nearly 6 in 10 say renters can be just as successful as owners. in achieving the american dream.
1:40 pm
furthermore, many more young people are interested in renting to owning. what is going on? >> it's a different world we live in. it's no longer the '70s and '80s where you got married at 25 and moved to the suburbs and put down roots. >> that was me doing that. >> same thing. >> what happened? the home used to be the goal, the dream, the worthy asset. when did that change? >> sociologically, the changes over the last 20 years. they came out with a big prediction last year saying homeowners should brace for 20 year lows next year. >> what is it now? >> it's below 65%. the world is changing. people aren't living close to home, they're not staying put, keeping the same young for 20, 30 years. >> we have been a mobile society, even when i was younger. so what has changed? are they burned by this? do they look at the meltdown and say i don't know? >> there are so many people who got burned. people watched other people get burned in 2008 and 2009.
1:41 pm
i have smart friends who have no interest in being involved in real estate anymore. it was a thorn in their side. they had a home they couldn't get rid of. short sales, foreclosures. they're done with it. >> and when you rent, you can walk out. >> they got burned. they're worried and people don't want to buy homes anymore. >> what about the argument, you can write off the mortgage, interest, and taxes. you can't do that on a rental. what do you say? >> there are people who are buying, people who want to buy are buying. for the ones who are uninterested, they don't care. >> who is buying? we see in manhattan, they pay $100 million for penthouses. having that put aside, a lot of people pay in cash. is this just a rich guy's market? >> it's a lot of rich guys' market. new york and san francisco is on fire. there are people who really want to live in the same home for the next 30 years and are able to buy homes, but so many don't want to commit. they want to be footloose and fancy free, travel and not be tied down to the same home and
1:42 pm
same job anymore. >> young people, they're important as first-time buyers and they feed all the way up. if there's nothing on the bottom, then the middle starts closing. >> a lot of investors are buying homes, investment properties. they see a really long trend in getting good tenets. they're people who used to be homeowners who are too worried to be a homeowner anymore and they just want a rental property instead, so the investors are taking up the difference. >> i think you and your generation, you have problems. you were ahead of this for a lot of people. thank you very much. well, here is how much walmart is hated in the big apple. politicians would sooner throw local charities under the bus than allow the local retailers to give them so much as a penny. is that a case of cutting off your nose to spite your face or is it the base? now who is up against the walmart?
1:43 pm
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all right, well, attention shoppers, another dust-up in aisle two, actually all aisles and all walmarts. the big retail is taking it from mcdonald's and becoming labor's latest hate target. even targeting the arizona neighborhood of rob waltman. if that isn't too up close and personal, you should see what is going on in the big apple. more than half the city's council members firing off a nasty letter to walmart execs saying their money is no good in new york, so stop giving millions to local charity, trying to get favor in new york. one of those leads is a democratic councilman. he signed the letter, and he's a majority leader.
1:47 pm
good to have you. >> thank you. >> what's wrong with walmart doing this? >> walmart has a history of abusing its workers and profiting on the backs of hard working men and women. >> i think the norb will decide that in a number of rulings still to come, but it's very clear they're paying poverty wage level wages for their jobs and we have a serious problem with that. >> they're above the poverty level. you don't argue it is? >> it's very clear they're paying wages and they are not providing benefits to their employees in ways that lots of others do. >> they provide pretty nice benefits, but to you, not generous enough. >> definitely not generous enough. >> i'm always saying money is money. if i'm getting a million bucks, if i'm bailing out, if they're going to fund a summer long martin luther king jr. series, have at it.
1:48 pm
>> i would beg to disagree. i think where the money comes from and how the money has been accumulated matters. >> this isn't a nazi party? >> no, but it matters. the family has been funding really right-wing organizations all across the country. >> charter schools right wing? they funded 16 million. >> i would argue that funding organizations in arkansas that try to ban gay and lesbian people from adopting, and being -- >> but charter schools.q picking and choosing issues, but charter schools and all the things they're doing, if they were union tonight, would you be -- >> i think them being union would be great. but i think that doesn't make up for all the bad things they have done. the fact that the walton family, the walmart pac is funding anti-immigrant candidates all across the country. they're funding anti-gay candidates all across the country, that matters. i think where the --
1:49 pm
>> i say they're targeting -- they're -- >> let me say this, if you are funding campaigns to ban gay and lesbian people from being parents and foster parents, that is dead wrong. that is morally indefensible. >> look, whatever your political views, personal views, if you are a new york city resident and you're paying through the nose for everything from milk, coffee, to bread, to drugs, what is wrong with a big-box retailer like walmart coming in and offering you $4 prescription drugs, offering consumers in this city who could surely use a break, a break? >> i don't think you have to choose between having a retailer that offers competitive prices for its goods and a retailer that treats its workers well. >> wait a minute, there's a store around the block here, run by very nice people. it's like $50 for a gallon of milk. >> right. >> i'm stretching to make the point, it's not cheap. so new yorkers are kind of used
1:50 pm
to this. what would be wrong with a walmart coming in, getting them choice, an affordable choice? >> i think that as long as they are doing what they're doing with their workers, as long as their a there are cases of retaliatory firing going on across the country -- >> walmart said they haven't fired anyone who has been on the picket lines. >> i don't believe that. >> do you believe walmart customers save money? >> what's that? >> do you believe the customers save money? >> i believe sometimes the cheerios are cheaper. >> i understand. can you understand the fight of all the people in new york? not just gays, straights, they're all paying through the nose, right? >> do you know how many people apply for the roughly 212 positions that a typical walmart offers? >> it doesn't mean those are good jobs. >> 8,000.
1:51 pm
they might not be good jobs, but they're jobs, right? >> they're job killers. they're job killers. for every two jobs they create, they are killing other jobs, more jobs, and the jobs they create -- >> why don't you apply the same wrath to cosk costco or other s? is it because they're pro-union or they might have political views that mirror your own? >> would you say, you know what? i'm pro-choice on savings? >> i'm pro-worker and i'm pro-dignity when it comes to work, and i'm pro-immigrant. >> walmart would bring jobs. >> just because it's a job doesn't mean it's a good job, and we need jobs that in new york city in particular, you know this because i have seen you talk about the rents in new york city, it's very important that those jobs pay wages where people can live, where they can
1:52 pm
support their families. it isn't good enough to say that any job is worth creating. they're killing jobs and they're killing small businesses city of new york where jobs at small businesses are so vitally important, particularly to immigrant population. wall mrt should stay out of new york city. we're going to keep winning in new york. walmart is not coming to new york.
1:53 pm
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curses, you said it. we said there was a closed door meeting. right now, they curiously opened doors. we know once you do meet, it's going to be behind closed doors. even though you are debating that prison swap. south carolina republican senator lindsey graham says those doors ought to be open like they are right now. it won't be later on. >> we're going to have to pushed them them on later on. we're going to air out in public in a responsible way. we're going to have public hearings about this prisoner deal. >> i've heard from so many of
1:57 pm
your colleague who were not informed about this, even dyiane feinstein saying no one gave her a heads-up. who is the administration is talking about when it says they were informed? >> they didn't inform anybody until after the fact. we've been talking about this issue for a couple of years and every time they came to the congress, we said no, that's not a good idea to let these five killers go for bergdahl. gates said no, panetta said no, feinstein said no. this time around, they didn't ask us. they told us after the fact. they used the excuse that bergdahl was about to die, they didn't have time to notify us. i'm curious to see if that withstands scrutiny. >> if the white house were to do this again, think you said that's an impeachable offense. he's done it.
1:58 pm
so is that impeachable now? >> the question was what if the president just let everybody go tomorrow? we've got a lot of restrictions on transferring detainees to yemen and other dangerous places. if he arbitrarily empties the jail, it would be a constitutional crisis. i'm not saying the lack of notification is an impeachable offense. there's a legitimate argument by the chand -- commander in chief that this is a situation where he had to act. if he unilaterally emptied the jail and let everybody go, he would have a constitutional crisis because we have restrictions on that. i'm not saying what he did is an impeachable offense. i am saying it was a very bad deal for us. americans are more likely to be kidnapped in the future because of this deal. as surely as night follows day, the five are going to be back on the battlefield and create havoc all over the world, particularly
1:59 pm
afghanistan. >> let's say he did just release the five most dangerous guys in gitmo. that means the others remaining are not as dangerous, and it might strengthen the administration's argument that the worst of the worst are gone. >> anybody there is there because they are so bad. these five represent the military and political leadership of the taliban. ka le kahlid sheik mohammed is still there. the hostilities we're engaged in is not against the afghan government of people. it's against terrorist organizations and those who withdraw terrorist support. the war is with al qaeda, and
2:00 pm
affiliates. not with the afghan people. >> senator, thank you so much. this is what happens here, outside the meeting room, the microphone starts, people wait, the door then closes, does anything happen? we're on it. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino, along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, eric bolling, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." america got its first look today at the handover of sergeant bowe bergdahl to u.s. forces in afghanistan. the taliban released the 17-minute propaganda video, it shows him looking healthy after spending five years in captivity. u.s. forces patted down bergdahl to make sure he wasn't armed or wearing a suicide vest.


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